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 Frequently Asked Questions
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Do I need sailing experience?
No. We sail with guests who have never sailed, or even never been on a boat before, right up to taking out those who own their own yacht and are away from her and suffering withdrawl symptoms.

Will I get wet?
Auckland is famous for weather change, so a rain shower might arrive. We suggest you bring a shower-proof jacket. However, there is also the option of hiding down below decks in the cabin for a while. If heavy rain is forecast, we are unlikely to sail. We sometimes experience a shower of spray when we are sailing along. A little salt on the face is good for the skin, and quite a lot of fun, but we don't overdo this! Again, a shower-proof jacket is a good idea.

Do I need to be able to swim?
No, but it is good if you tell us if you can't swim. We might ask you to wear a life vest while on deck during sailing. We have never had anyone fall over the side and we are not about to start!

Is there an upper age limit?
No, providing you can move. If you can climb in and out of a car unaided, then you can come sailing. We can control the experience using the sails so we will look after you well. We have had guests over 80 years old without difficulty.

Will I be safe?
Sailing is an adventurous activity, so it has an inherent risk. However, we make it a top priority to look after you. We have a perfect safety record, and one of the best safety profile assessments in New Zealand (issued by Maritime New Zealand).

Do I need to be fit?
No. You choose how much you get involved with the sailing. We always sail with one skipper and one crew and we can sail the boat fully by ourselves. There are activities that do not require much effort that you can get involved with. Of course there are more hands on activities available for those who want that too.

What do I need to bring?
Layered clothing, soft soled non-marking shoes, a shower-proof and wind-proof jacket, a hat (that will stay on), sunglasses, a camera and a sense of adventure. We welcome a sense of humour.

Where do we meet?
At a pier at the place of departure. We will describe that for you in our email confirmation of your booking. Getting aboard the boat is easy and you will not get your feet wet!
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